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    For parents, we try to make a trip to the dentist easy. Not only for your children, but for you too!

    When you come to your first appointment at Kid’s Dentistree, you will be welcomed upon your arrival. You will receive the new patient paperwork to be filled out on behalf of your child from one of our friendly Business Assistants. Your child will be invited to watch a movie playing in the waiting room or to play with any of the toys available.

    After the necessary paperwork is completed, your child will be called back to be seen by the dentist. Typically, on the first visit, you will be invited to come back with your child. Our Dentists and Dental Assistants will engage with your child while the appointment is going on, explaining in an easy to understand what, what he / she is doing and getting to know your child. After the appointment, one of our team members will go over with you any additional steps you or your child should take, and schedule the next follow up visit!