We love smiles!

We love smiles!

Ready . . . set . . . crew! We’re here to add a little fun to your child’s oral health journey. We love helping healthy smiles grow!

Let your child show off their creative skills by downloading our coloring sheets.

Meet the Crew!

Meet Oscar!

Oscar is incredibly intelligent and a rule-follower. He is patient, not easily upset and an exceptional listener. He always helps his friends learn about their dental care!

Say hi to Josie!

Possibly the goofiest of the bunch, Josie has a loving personality. She loves art and enjoys dancing and singing. Her vibrant smile can brighten any situation!

This is Cooper!

Cooper laughs a lot and loves to help his friends. He has a good work ethic and always tries to be kind to his fellow animals. He can be quite crafty when the situation calls for it!

Meet Nia!

Nia is always ready to help her friends. She is calm and supportive, a truly nurturing character. With her caring spirit, she brings compassion and empathy to the group.

Hello, Mateo!

This bird is quite talkative! Mateo has no shortage of energy and is always excited about whatever activity his friends are involved in. He is inquisitive and always learning about the world around him.

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