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    Making Your Child’s Tooth Fairy Visit Magical

    As children grow, they begin to lose their baby teeth. Most kids lose their first tooth around the age of 6, and will continue to lose their baby teeth until around the age of 12. With each tooth loss, comes the tooth fairy!

    National Tooth Fairy Day is celebrated today, August 22.  Losing a tooth is always exciting, because that means the tooth fairy will be paying your child a visit. Children leave their tooth under their pillow and anxiously await for sleep to arrive so that the tooth fairy can leave them a reward. Getting to be the tooth fairy is fun, but it can also be difficult to come up with ways to make it special for your child. 

    Here are a few tips on how to make a visit from the tooth fairy magical!

    • Leave gifts — Whether it’s a couple of dollars or a toy you know your child will like, leaving a surprise under their pillow can make your child feel special. 
    • Write letters — Leaving letters for your child from the tooth fairy regarding oral health can be a great way to encourage them to brush their teeth and keep their teeth clean — since the tooth fairy said so!
    • Make a gift box — Create and leave a gift box under your child’s pillow that they can decorate themselves to help get excited about the tooth fairy. They leave their teeth inside, and in the morning their gift will be waiting for them! 
    • Add some magic — Adding things like glitter, stickers, or even a signature to the letters under your child’s pillow can help add to the excitement and magic of the tooth fairy. 

    There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement on your child’s face when they realize they’ve been visited by the tooth fairy, and it can even be fun for you in the process! Do you have questions about your child’s baby teeth? Schedule an appointment to chat with one of our experienced pediatric specialists.