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    Knowing Which Toothbrush Is Best for Your Child

    November 1 was National Brushing Day, which reinforces the importance of children’s oral health and promotes good tooth-brushing habits. Choosing the best toothbrush for your child is important to ensure that they can properly care for their teeth. With different ages comes different toothbrushes, and it’s important to know when to switch them out. 

    0 – 3 Years Old

    Although your child doesn’t have any teeth at the beginning of this stage, you can start by wiping their gums with a damp cloth after feeding to keep them clean. Once their teeth begin to erupt through their gums, you can use a toothbrush with a tiny head. This allows the toothbrush to be able to fit into their mouth and keep their teeth clean while helping your child get  used to brushing their teeth.

    3 – 5 Years Old

    As more teeth begin to erupt, a toothbrush with a smaller head and a larger handle is best. This makes it easier for your child to hold since they have smaller hands. At this stage, you should supervise and help out your child brush to ensure that they are effectively cleaning their teeth.

    5 – 8 Years Old

    For these ages, a slimmer handle is recommended for your child’s grip and larger jaw size as compared to previous brushes. While your child is becoming more independent with brushing in this stage, it is still important to supervise and make sure they are properly brushing.

    8 Years and Older

    Once your child has reached the age of 8 or older, they can begin to brush their teeth themselves without supervision. Your child’s toothbrush at this stage is very similar to an adult toothbrush. The American Dental Association suggests that powered toothbrushes may make the process easier for some children, although manual brushes work just as well.

    Figuring out which toothbrush to buy for your child can be difficult, but our pediatric specialists are here to help! Ask what brush they recommend for your child at their next appointment to ensure they’re getting the best clean possible.