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    Helping Your Child Maintain Oral Health during the COVID-19 Crisis

    Since the coronavirus crisis began, many have been left with questions about the dental services available to their children. Here are a few tips to help your child maintain a healthy mouth during this extraordinary time.

    What if my child’s hygiene appointment was postponed?

    It’s more important than ever to help your child stay on top of their oral health, particularly if their cleaning was postponed. Although your family may be spending more time at home, your child should continue proper brushing and flossing techniques as part of their daily dental routine. Nutrition also plays a vital role in your child’s dental health, and limiting certain foods that can damage teeth can go a long way toward preventing any new dental problems. 

    What is “essential” or “emergency” dental care?, an ADA website, helps us discern the difference between what might be considered “essential” or “emergency” treatment, and what appointments can be postponed to a later date. Some symptoms that would require emergency dental care are consistent bleeding, swelling, and pain, among others. Dental care that can be postponed includes regular exams, and cleanings. If you’re unsure about whether or not your child needs emergency dental care, it’s important to give us a call anyway. Our doctors can help you determine whether or not your child requires immediate care and provide guidance on the next steps.

    Is it okay to go to the ER for a dental emergency? offers a number of reasons why it is always best to contact a dental professional rather than visit your local emergency room. These days, it is especially important that we keep local hospital beds free for COVID-19 patients. Remember, if your child is experiencing dental pain or a dental infection, or you otherwise believe they need emergency dental care, please contact us first.