Dr. Jennifer Board

Dr. Board grew up in a family dedicated to dental health — her father is a dentist and her grandfather owned a dental laboratory. After graduation, she joined a private practice where she developed a  love of children’s dentistry. From there, she has focused on providing comprehensive care to children in a friendly, nurturing environment. Dr. Board believes in educating patients and their families about dental health for dazzling smiles for life. She lives in Louisville with her two daughters, Kerolyn and Maggie, and their cat, Callie. They love skiing, boating, cooking, gardening, traveling, running, and bicycling and many other outdoor activities.

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Knowing Which Toothbrush Is Best for Your Child

November 1 was National Brushing Day, which reinforces the importance of children’s oral health and promotes good tooth-brushing habits. Choosing the best toothbrush for your child is important to ensure that they can properly care for their teeth. With different ages comes different toothbrushes, and it’s important to know when to switch them out.  0 […]

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