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    Pediatric Dentist

    University of Louisville School of Dentistry

    Dr. Julia B. Dobson was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Bellarmine University. She completed her Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Louisville. Finally, Dr. Dobson attended dental school at the University of Louisville. After she completed dental school in 2016, she finished her residency in pediatric dentistry 2018. Her specialties include: pediatric dentistry, nitrous gas sedation, and general anesthesia at a surgery center.

    Dr. Dobson lives in Middletown and loves taking care of the patients in her community. Her favorite part of living in Middletown is the charm of the town. Some of her favorite hobbies are cooking, running, hot yoga and listening to podcasts. She has been married to her husband Nick for over ten years. Dr. Dobson and Nick have three children and two dogs together.

    As a child, Dr. Dobson loved going to the dentist. She remembers vividly how her former dentist treated the entire family with love and respect. The same dentist actually wrote her a letter or recommendation, which helped her get into dental school at the University of Louisville. One of her favorite parts of dentistry is being able to establish new relationships with the families she serves. Dr. Dobson also enjoys sharing her oral health best practices with her patients. Come meet Dr. Dobson!

    8727 Old Bardstown Rd
    Louisville, KY 40291
    (502) 200-1173