Kid's Dentistree La Grange, KY – Tes M.

Always a 10/10.
I’ve been going here for years, they accepted my insurance and seemed like a good fit, and boy did they not disappoint! Every member of staff is kind and happy to greet patrons, the atmosphere is bomb. Though I am not a kid anymore, even I can say it’s kid friendly, without being a bore for adults. The best Disney and Pixar movies are always playing on the TV’s, loads of bright colors for nervous kiddos to pay attention to. The staff always ensure that you’re comfortable while being worked on, give tons of chances to ask questions about what they explain to you, bend over backwards to make other appointments for any other work that needs done, and even remind you of when yours are coming up. Though today was my last visit with them before having to move up to the adult mortenson’s dentist above them, rest assured that I’ll remember the kind and attentive staff that run the place! Though most people hate the dentist, they genuinely made me look forward to the visits!

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